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Behold the new (raw; unfinished) brake bridge design! [Note: the room lighting was terrible, and so the apparent color of everything — from the deep purple background(!) to the titanium itself — in these photos is completely inaccurate…and there are also random yellow highlights!] Way too busy right now to bother re-taking better photos — just wanted to share that the annoyingly difficult-to-fabricate little Brompton-style brake bridge prototype for the gen 3 design is finally done! Note that in keeping with the “vintage” Brompton aesthetic, I included an anti-compression insert, to simultaneously enable me to use lightweight thin-wall tubing while also resisting deformation from the compressive force from the centerbolt’s fastening nut on a classic side-pull caliper brake [it will be flush after welding].

…”final stretch” on gen 3 production prototype!